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Different Types of Window Blinds

Window blinds are not recent inventions as most people would think. This is misguided information. Window blinds have been in play for a very long time. There is evidence of their origin being Roman, also ancient China, and of course, worldwide. Nonetheless, window blind use had been triggered by different desires across all parties. Today, it is the same case as one person’s use for window blinds is different from the other.

Window blinds provide privacy, not only shade. The material used cannot be transparent but can be opaque or translucent. Sliding blinds into place sends a message that one needs to have some privacy. Through the window blinds, one can change the temperature of the room accordingly. By manipulating the air traffic, the temperature is kept in check.

The beauty of the room can be easily manipulated using window blinds. From the many varieties around, a person has to choose a window design that will fit the room in question perfectly. The color of the blinds and their design can change the mood of the room completely. Unwanted elements like dirt, dust, wind, insects, strong sunlight, and the like can be kept at bay by window blinds.

Different types of window blinds have their own different origins. Each type has its make and design different from the rest. Take for example blinds that have easily folded material or fabrics that are controlled using chains or preloaded springs. These window blinds go by the name Roller Blinds The lightweight aluminum cylinder is in in place of the slats. It makes the material to wrap up when the blinds are raised.

Vertical Blinds follow. Their slats hang from top to bottom, just as the name suggests. The slats are made of different material. Vertical Blinds are perfect for fitting sliding doors and large windows.

There are blinds which when pulled stack into neatly placed horizontal pleats. They are made from fabric. Such blinds keep the room temperature warm once they are in place. Therefore, these blinds are more favorable during the cold seasons and also in the areas where temperatures are low. These are the Roman Blinds.

There are window blinds without fabrics but have horizontal slats. Light is allowed to pass by rotating the slats. Venetian Blinds fits this description. The best thing about this blinds is that light entering the room can be easily regulated.

Other blinds exist that can be installed either in open space or in windows. When installed in huge rooms, they act as temporary walls separating huge spaces. Panel Blinds fit the work description. They are mounted on a track system moving horizontally. Similar to the vertical blinds, the fabric can move on either the left or right side by the aid of a folding panel.

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